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To visit SunFlower School, please call for an appointment:

5313 27th Avenue South
Gulfport FL 33707



About SunFlower School

SunFlower School is a small, non-graded elementary school that has been located in a quiet Gulfport, Florida neighborhood for more than 30 years.  SunFlower offers a rich academic environment where students are actively involved in their learning and therefore love to learn.  We develop collaborative learning experiences with many hands on projects and field trips. 

We value each child for his or her unique qualities.  Each child is encouraged to help with problem solving in both large and small groups.  Children learn to become competent by making choices and taking personal responsibility for their own actions.  Mutual trust and respect develop among child, teachers and parents in our relationship-based education.  SunFlower School children, teachers and families thrive in the informal setting as we celebrate and affirm childhood.  Parents are always welcome in school.

We believe that school for young children should be a joyous experience, one in which your child can develop confidently, in an atmosphere rich in language, arts, and relationships.

To visit SunFlower School, please call for an appointment:  

 Our phone number is 727-321-7657  and our address is 5313 27th Ave S, Gulfport, FL 33707.    


Students are grouped in small, multi-grade classes for daily reading, writing, science, math and social studies. Because the groups are small we can give individual attention to children and provide frequent feed-back to parents.

Students have many opportunities to expand their interests through individual reports and projects, field trips and lots of interaction between children in different groups.  We have computers in each class, which are used for research, math and language games.  The oldest group uses individual tablets for weekly photography and design projects.  Resource people, such as scientists, artists and musicians, add depth to our curriculum.   

In addition to the basic academic skills that we teach, we stress problem-solving and practical life skills.  We all garden, cook, sew, and take walks in our neighborhood. Several times a year the older kids learn financial skills by running a Marketplace, where old toys and books are resold.  Part of the profits are donated to a charity.  

Art is a huge part of the SunFlower experience and we incorporate art into almost everything we do.  Each year the older groups stage a Shakespeare play at the Gulfport theater. Our Spanish classes are taught by a native Spanish speaker who emphasizes conversation.  SunFlower graduates have won many awards for their academic and artistic achievements.

Typical Day

Our school day starts at 8:30 with either conversational Spanish (Monday and Friday), a class meeting (Wednesday), or our Morning Meeting (Tuesday and Thursday).  Morning Meeting is a forum for the children with the guidance of the teachers, to respectfully and seriously identify and solve problems, make suggestions and discuss local and world events.  Each Tuesday, we read a poem.  During this time, the youngest group gets settled in their class and then goes to the playground for Obstacle Course, a set of age-appropriate physical tasks.

9:00-10:30  Language and Math: During this time, children write in their journals and teachers introduce new concepts and reinforce skills in language and math.

10:30-11:00 Snack and outside play time

11:00-11:45 Reading: Children read independently reading or children, read to each other or read to an adult.  Teachers then read aloud to the class.

11:45-12:30 Academic and Creative Projects: Children work on special projects that may include art, cooking, math,science or social studies research and observations. Individual students can receive academic coaching from their teacher while the rest of the class works independently. 

12:30-1:15 Lunch (entire school): The children bring their own lunches.

We provide the option to purchase pizza (Wednesdays) and/or CD Roma (Thursdays).  After eating at outdoor picnic tables, the children play.

1:15-2:15 Supervised independent activities: Children have a choice of activities. They may play chess, put on an impromptu play, use the classroom     computers for educational games, do an art project, or build with Legos. In the afternoons we also schedule events such as recorder lessons, music circle, and presentations by visiting resource people. Yoga is offered each week for a small fee.

2:15-2:30 Clean up: At SunFlower School, children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own environment, beginning with     their classrooms. They help with a variety of chores to get school ready for the next day.

2:30 School Ends